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Oil processing experts

Why Oil Processing Experts?

We combine extensive in-depth knowledge of oils & fats processing,
with decades of practical problem-solving experience

Oil Processing Experts is one of the few go-to companies when thorough knowledge regarding any aspect of the processing of oils and fats, including their by-products, is needed. Do you need to address processing challenges in food, feed, oleo-chemical, or bio-fuel applications? We can help you.

Our Services

We provide a wide range of services, always tailored to your needs

Consultancy and Support

Looking to increase capacity, quality, or yield, or decrease cost? We can optimize or troubleshoot your current operation, focusing on your needs.

New process development

We specialize in the complete development and design of new process concepts, with an emphasis on sustainability and the reuse of by-products.

Turn-key pilot plants

We design and build custom-made pilot plants for any aspect of oil processing. We manage the engineering, build, commissioning and start-up so you enjoy a ready-to-run plant.

Investment projects

We coordinate large greenfield and brownfield projects involving multiple (equipment) suppliers. We ensure that your investment in a new line, factory, or storage facility is specific to your needs.

We guarantee that you will get the perfect solution for your oil processing needs.​

We provide solutions, in processing as well as end use applications

Our Customers

Food and feed

We can support you in refining or physically/chemically modifying edible oils and fats, and in processing these into end products,.


We have extensive experience in emulsifier production, such as mono- and di-glycerides, phospholipids, and their applications.


We can help you with the storage, blending, pre-treatment, and chemical modification of raw materials, and of course, in the bio-fuel production itself.

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